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Friday, March 15, 2013

Mass Media in the UK

1) Study the following mind maps and find the differences

2) Follow the link, watch the video and choose the mind map which suits the video
Media in Britain

Internet in the UK

Study the following mind map about Internet in the UK

Follow the link
UK tribes Online
(if the link isn't working - open this file on your computer UK Tribes Online)
Watch the video and fill in the blanks in the text below with the words from the box:
explore MSN Twitter online Facebook blog information demonstrate Google YouTube
Being online teens mostly choose 1) , and 2) as the most popular websites. Other popular sites are 3) , 4) and 5) .
Most teens consider that beeing 6) is really important. For most teens the Internet is the main sourse of 7) . The Internet makes the life of the teens easier, more 8) . Teens have the ability to 9) and 10) their interests socially.

Press in the UK (2)

Follow the link, watch the video and fill in the text with the missing words
UK Tribes Newspapers
UK Tribes Magazines
online broadsheets sports

Not so many many teens read newspapers.
The most popular section in the newspapers for teens is 1)_ section for boys and fashion section for girls. Most teens prefer to read Red Tops and free papers instead of 2)and tabloids. 3)___ newspapers become more popular than print ones among the teenagers.

Elle Nuts expensive Internet girls
Few British teens read magazines because they are very 1)_ and you may find similar blogs in the 2)_. The most readable magazines among teenagers are 3)_, Heat, GQ and 4) .Mostly 5) ___read magazines nowadays.

Press in the UK

Study the following mind-map about press in the UK

Radio in the UK (2)

1) Follow the link, read the information about radio in the UK and complete the text with the missing words:



17 commercial rap home BBCR2 car KissFM CapitalFM 11

Radio in the UK is presented by 1) types of radio stations. The top 3 out of 10 radio stations are 2) , BBCR1,BBCR4 Radio remains popular with teens. Among all the radio channels British teens prefer 3) radio companies. 4) was the main place to listen to the radio. While 28% prefer to listen to the radio in the 5), 25% at work. On average, British teens spend 6) hours per week listening to commercial radio. Teens in London prefer to listen to XFM and 7) . The most teens in the UK listen to 8) , especially to hip hop, 9) and rock music.